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If you can't find the answer to your questions in this list, please email us.


Attention AOL Users: There is a possibility your AOL filter will block correspondence from EasyJob. To avoid any delay, please add [email protected] to your contact list.

I ordered EasyJob, but didn't receive the product.

If your order was correctly processed, an email with registration instructions was sent to you immediately.

Some ISPs are notoriusly slow at delivering email. If you used a Hotmail, netscape or AOL, it could take several hours before they deliver the registration email we sent you. If after 24 hours you still haven't received your registration email, then contact us at [email protected]

Before contacting us: Be aware that some 'over enthusiastic' spam filters might be filtering out your registration email message. Check out your spam or trash folder to see if the registration email is there.



I ordered EasyJob and followed the download instructions. The file downloaded isn't EasyJob. Is this correct?

Yes it is correct. The file you downloaded (Register_EasyJob.exe) will register your demo, so it has all the features available, as well as the eBook.

Run this file and click on the "Register" button. Now run EasyJob as usual.

I ordered EasyJob and followed the download instructions, but the download link doesn't seem to work.

Some email programs can wrap long links if they don't fit in one line. This could break the link.

Click here instead.

You will need a username and password:

USER: easyjob

PASSWORD: customer149


When I try to run EasyJob I get an error message saying: "Run-time error 429. ActiveX component can't create object".

This is an installation problem: one or more ActiveX dlls weren't correctly registered (if you don't understand this, don't worry). First of all, try to reinstall EasyJob and see if it fixes the problem.

If it didn't help:

You can easily register those DLLs manually. Please create an msdos prompt and go to the EasyJob directory (Probably C:\Program Files\EasyJob). Once there, type:

regsvr32 eautil.dll
regsvr32 dialogs.dll
regsvr32 scrrun.dll

When I try to create a Presentation Package or the Career Information Report, I get message saying: "Ooops, there was an error while creating your resume or cover letter..."

This means that there's something "strange" in your Career Information Database that is confusing EasyJob.

The most common "culprits" are:

  • Formatting characters in the Career Information Database. Click here for more information.
  • Extremely long list of Duties, Achievements or Skill Headings. Try to reduce the number of lines in those entries.
  • Extremely long Profile. Your profile should be a paragraph. If too long, it will confuse your reader and prospective employers.

The Profile, Duties and Achievements should be short and to the point descriptions, for 2 good reasons:

  • Very long descriptions will look bad in a resume.
  • They reduce your resume's response rate.

HR managers have very little time to devote to each resume. Such long (several paragraphs) descriptions encourage the reader to skip to the next resume, specialy if they have a pile of resumes to review. For more information, click here.

Make sure you reduce the size of your duties and achievemnts to something shorter. It will improve your resume and get rid of those errors.

To create powerful and error-free resume content, please check the help files and these articles:

Some of the information I entered into my Career Information Database doesn't show up in the resumes. Is there a size limit?

NO. There's no size limit.

When you run the New Presentation Package Wizard you are asked to select what information you wish to include in that resume.

EasyJob makes a default selection for you, which might not include everything you entered into your Career Information Database.

You can always override this default selection and include everything. Just check all the checkboxes (see the screenshot).

Knowing what not to include in a resume is just as important (or even more) as knowing what to include. EasyJob's default selection has been designed by professional resume writers and represents their experience and advice. We strongly recommend that you accept it, but you can always override it.

When I click on the Finish button of the Career Information Database Wizard, I get an error message complaining that something has a wrong syntax.

First of all, relax. :-)

All the data you entered into your Career Information Database is safe and sound and nothing has been lost.

This error might happen when you include some 'formatting' characters in your Career Information Database. For example, when entering your duties or achievements for a given work experience, you might have entered:

">Receive and answer telephone calls..."

instead of

"Receive and answer telephone calls..."

It's the ">" character that is confusing EasyJob and creating all this trouble.

Click here for a screenshot.

If you have several achievements for a given work experience, there's NO need to add any 'bullet-like' characters such as '>', '*', '·', etc... Just press the 'Enter' key after each duty or achievement . EasyJob will understand what you mean and will format it accordingly.

You shouldn't add any formatting in the "Career Information Database", only the "raw" data. EasyJob will do all the formatting with the "New Presentation Package" wizard.

Of course you may add any formatting you want (using EasyJob's word processor or MS Word) to all the resumes and cover letters you create, but not to the Career Information.

It's very easy to fix this: just remove all the '>' (or any other bullet-like character) you entered in you Career Information Database.

The bottom line is: there's NO need for you to do the grunt work of formatting your data, that's what EasyJob is for. :-)


How can I recover a company deleted from the "Target Companies" list?
Search for it again using the "Search Companies" button and add it to your "Target Companies"
When I click on the "Call external processor…" menu, MSWord Viewer opens, instead of my word processor.
EasyJob opens whatever file is registered to edit RTF files, and your word processor is not registered to edit them. You can still edit your resumes and cover letters with it by saving them as RTF files (use the "Save document as Rtf…" submenu inside the File menu) and then opening them with your word processor. However, this is not recommended or supported.
After using MS Word to edit a resume or cover letter (using the Call External word processor menu), some changes aren't visible in EasyJob. What's going on?
EasyJob supports most of MS Word's features, but not all of them. If these features are very important for you, you may print the resume or cover letter with MS Word.
When starting up EasyJob a message box shows up saying that file wndtls32.dll was not found.
This is a bug in a third party component used by EasyJob. We are currently working with the author of this component to fix it in a future release. No data has been lost. Close your session or reboot your computer and try again. Everything should work fine.
I'm having trouble to edit my resume with EasyJob.
If you don't like EasyJob's own word processor, you can use another one, such as MS Word. There are 2 ways to do this:
  1. Use the "Use external word processor" submenu in the format menu. This will call any properly registered word processor, such as MS Word.
  2. Use the "Export to rtf" submenu in the File menu. This will create an rtf file that can be edited with almost any word processor.

If you still have questions, please email us.

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